Anneliese & Fredrik’s Engagement

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Take a look at Anneliese & Fredrik’s engagement photos taken at Longboat Key Club on Longboat Key, Florida. The weather was perfect with only sunsets that can be seen on the West Coast of Florida. See more wedding photos.



Philp_0242DSC_9924r-bw-bd With all the rain we have had recently in Florida, it was forturnate that it did not rain at this wedding on Sept. 20th. The wedding was held at Bay Vista Park in St. Petersburg. The park offers a scenic wooden bridge with a gazebo at the end and a great view of the Skyway Bridge which runs between Manatee County and Pinellas County, Florida. Both bridges can be seen in the photo. The bridge had special significance to the bride & groom. The seagull just happened to show up at the right time. Over 80 people attended the wedding. This is just one of many photos taken at the wedding. The photos were taken on my full frame Nikon D700 with a 28-300 Nikon zoom lens. All the wedding photos were taken in RAW format. They were converted to JPEG in Adobe Camera Raw. Then processed in Photoshop. The B&W conversion was done in Nik Software.

Below The Knees

Hanlon_0472DSC_7807r-bd This photo was taken at a recent wedding at the St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Sarasota. When discussing the wedding photos with the Bride & Groom prior to the wedding, the bride mentioned a favorite photo they had of each other taken sitting on a dock with just their legs dangling in the photo. I decided to do something similar at their wedding -thus the photo “Below the Knees”. This was just one of almost 900 photos taken at the wedding. It was an interesting wedding as the groom works for the fire department and was able to bring an old fire truck which was parked by the lake outside the Catholic Church. Many fun photos were also taken using the B&G and wedding party using the fire truck as a prop. This Catholic church provides an ideal venue for wedding photography. The photo was taken with my Nikon D700 and Nikon 28-300 zoom lens. Fill flash was provided by my Nikon SB 800 flash. All photos were taken in RAW format, processed in Adobe Camera Raw and then tweaked in Photoshop.

Shot Through Glass

Devyn_0010DSC_9373r-bd This photo “Shot Through Glass” was taken at “The Devyn” which has been labeled as Sarasota’s Premier Event Venue. Photographer Bill Mills & I were asked by Jennifer Matteo, Event Manager for the Devyn to photograph the Grand Opening on Sat. Sept. 6. The Devyn was originally Sam Seltzer’s Steakhouse and Livingstons Billiards. Owners Carl & Paula Wise have spent over a million dollars converting the 18,000 sq.ft.buildings into what should be a premier spot in Sarasota for weddings an corporate events. The venue was named after one of the Wise’s daughter Devyn. Other rooms were also named after their daughters Carlisle, Amanda, Alexandria, & Avron at this beautiful venue. I was able to meet and also photograph the daughters at the Open House as well as the Wise family. The photos were taken on a Nikon D700. I used a 28-300 Nikon telephoto lens zoomed in, in order to put the glasses close to the camera in focus and then blurr the others for minimum depth of field. I used a Nikon SB800 flash bounced off the white ceiling to give overall lighting. We took many other photos of various rooms at the Devyn and they can be viewed by visiting their website:

Rows and Rows Of…..

Playcore_0028DSC_9201r-cr-vin-bd The same day I took photos of McKechnie Field grandstands for a client out of Tennesse who manufactures grandstands for football and baseball fields among other things, we also photographed the new grandstands they installed at St.Stephens Episcopal School in Bradenton thus “Rows & Rows of Seats”. I arrived in the afternoon when the football team was induring 95 degree heat to practice. I happened to catch the field goal kicker practicing his kicks for this photo. The new grandstands are shown behind the kicker and some of his team. I took over 100 various photos at this location. The photo shown here was taken with my full frame Nikon D700 and a Nikon 28-300mm telephoto lens. The photo was processed in ACR and then slight adjustments done in Photoshop The Cloud. The client received the normal photo but also I cropped the photo to a 12″ x 4″ panorama and a border to more isolate just the kicker, the ball and the grandstands. The St. Stephens Sports Complex has to be one of the most beautiful Sports Complex on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Rows and Rows Of….

Playcore_0169DSC_9342r-cr-bd This week I had the opportunity to do photography for a client out of Tennessee who’s company builds among other things, all types of grandstands for football fields and baseball fields thus “Rows & Rows of Seats”. This photo was taken at McKechnie Field in Bradenton home of the Pittsburg Pirates during Spring Training and also home to the Marauders one of their Minor League teams this time of year. The new grandstands shown in the outfield are canopy covered. They were empty on this particular evening. We did get a great tour from Frank who works there, of the entire facility. I have driven by this facility many times but did not realize how beautiful it was inside. The photo was taken during the National Anthem. I took close to 100 photos of the grandstands. This is just one of them. The photo was taken with my Nikon D700 and a Nikon 28-300mm lens. I gave the client the full image but also created a 12″ x 4″ panorama posted here with a border. The photo was processed in ACR with only slight tweaking in Photoshop.

Two Of Us

Poag_0489DSC_8721r-cr-bd Weddings are a time when two people are joined as one. I recently photographed Anthea & Sharond’s wedding at the Robert Taylor Complex in Sarasota. The location presented some unusual opportunities for photos that beach or church weddings do not offer. It was a very emotional time for the groom as he had just lost his brother the week before the wedding. I did a special photo for the bride & groom looking skyward in tribute to the brother. That is not the photo shown in this post. Friends and relatives came from all over to attend this wedding. The hope for a wedding photographer is that the photos you provide the bride & groom will serve as a reminder ten-twenty years from now of a very special day in their lives. This photo was taken with a Nikon D700 and a Nikon 28-300 lens. It was processed in Adobe Camera Raw and then Photoshop The Cloud. It was cropped to 4″x 12″verticle to give emphasis to just the Bride & Groom.